February 25 2024: Long time no update, school has been taking a toll on me motivationwise, but in other words I haven't put much up on UBESAGO in a while: Why? I'm working on trying to redo all of the art for chapters 1 and 2 to fit my current style, as well as altering the pacing and content just a little. The characters have had a few minor redesigns but other than that I'm trying to decide if I should update page by page or to put them out chapter per chapter. The old chapters will be put on a different chapter log while the new ones will be featured on the main page. Really sorry for the inactivity!!

December 30 2023: final update of the year, havent updated in forever!!! got back from an oral surgery where they uprighted my tooth, small but very hard for me to recover from...... nearly worse than braces. i also have to work on removing a lot of bootstrap from my site so i will try to be more consistent with my log ons, long time no logs! if u ever wanna keep in touch with me 2 chat or for whatev, my discord is @righteoushandofthefather!!! :)

August 19 2023: god what the HELL i am lowkey hating school.......... havent made much art progress but i should upload stuff i have worked on to the webgallery... i am eepy though. eugh. on another note, i plan on turning the microblog into a "hub" of sorts whereas the index will just function as a link beacon etc etc. i will keep working !!

August 10 2023: added a guestbook, will try to add hotlink buttons eventually!! summer went by way too fast for my liking augh.......

August 9 2023: 5 days left until school starts again, i hope to do something fun until then. most of my days are spent in my house alone to myself.

July 26 2023: sometimes i look at big paintings that are like 20 feet tall and wonder how people do that. i draw on a screen half the size of the door of my toaster oven and still struggle to draw big enough my library books are about to be overdue and i never even read them. a bit funny because i got 3 in the same series then realized that i didnt read the book before those ones so i just forgot about them

July 25 2023: internet outages make it impossible for me to add the stuff i was planning to today, just a little sad but i cant do anything ab it;

few hours later, internet is up and running again! have been able to add some things like a date organizer at the bottom of the blog, still wondering how i want to do my portfolio page(s), also of thinking about adding a ''to do list'' for what im going to add to my site

nvm the internet is still shitting oh well

July 24 2023: i really want to sleep but i dont want to fuck up my sleep schedule worse than it already is, finally putting up a proper webpage is such a refresher. im thinking about uploading a portfolio for my things/commissions so look foward to that i think. i think it took me maybe 1? 2? hours to code this despite it being only around 40 lines. ill get better eventually