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ironically, despite the url, site has no color


hello!! i am kaf, aliased Kaftofi on most spaces. i like to draw small scale with bigger pieces being quite rare. i'm not very fast at drawing and currently learning html.

currently working on ubesago in my free time with a friend. The characters there are very special to me and i hope i can finally start to talk about them more (brainrotted to hell because i feel like talking to a wall when explaining them sometimes)

thanks for stopping by!!

site was made with a terrible amalgam of bootstrap/plain html css and all assets (besides a specific node) are all created by me

✑~~ this site has been optimized for mobile view, but still viewed better on bigger screens

interests:ULTRAKILL, My ocs(?), Splatoon

find me elsewhere

hey psst, throw me a kofi for a doodle ($6)



Q. Can I use your art on my profile?

A. Yes!! feel free to use my art on your profile with proper credit (some sort of social link/username). Please do not use art if its of my OCs or if itwas a part of a commission for someone else unless that person has expressed that they are OK with it being used

Q. Can I draw fanart of your ocs?

A. Fanart is highly encouraged, go crazy go wild!! All I ask is that you keep is SFW unless you want a pipebomb in your mailbox


August 10 2023: Guestbook added to nav, as well as new link button

July 31 2023: finished the code for art webgallery

July 25 2023: Added entry log in microblog to scroll to a particular date in the log

July 24 2023: Hid side banners on small screens to make it easier to read on phones.

July 23 2023: complete site overhaul, the site was basically just a copy of my toyhouse front so i wanted to make it somewhat more personalized lol

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