cold weather - glass beach this entry's song has a loud intro heads up lol

Today's weather: sunny
Feeling: tired
A microblog for kaf

August 19 2023: god what the HELL i am lowkey hating school.......... havent made much art progress but i should upload stuff i have worked on to the webgallery... i am eepy though. eugh. on another note, i plan on turning the microblog into a "hub" of sorts whereas the index will just function as a link beacon etc etc. i will keep working !!

August 10 2023: added a guestbook, will try to add hotlink buttons eventually!! summer went by way too fast for my liking augh.......

August 9 2023: 5 days left until school starts again, i hope to do something fun until then. most of my days are spent in my house alone to myself.

July 26 2023: sometimes i look at big paintings that are like 20 feet tall and wonder how people do that. i draw on a screen half the size of the door of my toaster oven and still struggle to draw big enough

my library books are about to be overdue and i never even read them. a bit funny because i got 3 in the same series then realized that i didnt read the book before those ones so i just forgot about them

July 25 2023: internet outages make it impossible for me to add the stuff i was planning to today, just a little sad but i cant do anything ab it;

few hours later, internet is up and running again! have been able to add some things like a date organizer at the bottom of the blog, still wondering how i want to do my portfolio page(s), also of thinking about adding a ''to do list'' for what im going to add to my site

nvm the internet is still shitting oh well

July 24 2023: i really want to sleep but i dont want to fuck up my sleep schedule worse than it already is, finally putting up a proper webpage is such a refresher. im thinking about uploading a portfolio for my things/commissions so look foward to that i think. i think it took me maybe 1? 2? hours to code this despite it being only around 40 lines. ill get better eventually

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